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We are a top choice for designing and implementing top-notch lead-generation campaigns for your business.

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Get More Leads with Starvara Lead Generation Agency

To save you time, Starvara Digital handles the labor-intensive task of lead generation. We assist you in locating your most profitable and promising prospects. Then, we engage them through customized campaigns that offer the quickest paths to market which makes us your Best lead generation company in Chennai. Intelligent sales data are the engine behind campaigns. They are refined to a fine point through constant testing, analysis, and attention to the small details that most providers overlook.

We are a top choice for designing and implementing top-notch lead-generation campaigns for your company in Chennai. We don’t sell leads; instead, we generate them for your company; the assets and the data are all legally yours. Our cutting-edge websites, which operate in both B2C and B2B markets, are compatible with the best lead generation channels for your sector, and our nurturing systems assist you in scaling up your marketing and sales efforts in an intelligent manner.

Why Choose Starvara Digital for B2C and B2B Lead Generation Services?

  • Complete exclusivity. The leads belong to you.
  • High-quality leads that comply with GDPR
  • very good lead tracking software
  • You will receive the leads in real-time.
lead generation services in chennai

Starvara Digital’s Best Lead Generation Services

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Social Media Campaigns

One of the most crucial things you can do for your business is to attract customers, which is why we connect with our customers on social media platforms. We know how to reach the right audience using Facebook ads, Twitter retweets, Instagram hashtags, Pinterest ads, and Google Adwords campaigns.

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Search Ads

We will interact with a market actively looking for your particular goods and services through ad campaigns that are very effective at producing quality leads. We'll choose users whose profiles match those of your target market, resulting in campaigns that are repeatable and productive.

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AD Networks

We can assist you in reaching your target audience across various platforms, regardless of the size of your brand, to maximize exposure. We place pertinent advertising campaigns using our extensive commercial network to maximize return on investment

b2c and b2b lead generation services

Why should you consider Lead Generation Marketing?

  • Higher sales and revenue
  • Higher ROI
  • Target your ideal clients
  • Reduce costs and time.
  • Increasing lead generation
  • Simple to track clients

Platforms We Use As The Top Lead Generation Company In Chennai

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There should be no question that this is the biggest networking website on the internet. Facebook positions itself as a crucial platform for brands looking to market their businesses by generating the majority of its revenue from advertising. On Facebook, we've conducted countless campaigns using a variety of optimization techniques, including Link Clicks and Conversions. To reach the right audience, we make use of the platform's sophisticated targeting options. Our team continuously optimizes where necessary while testing various ads to see which ones perform the best.

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Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms for people to stay up to date on the biggest and latest news and events, with a staggering 300 million monthly active users, making it the perfect place to promote your business. We've used the platform to run a number of campaigns in a variety of industries, which has helped us reach millions of users. For the best campaign for your company, we combine campaign objectives, audience profiles that are highly targeted, and ad formats.

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Instagram is a popular platform for sharing photos and videos with younger audiences. The platform is emerging as a compelling opportunity for brands on a regular basis. Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, and now the two companies offer many of the same advertising options. We design our work specifically for Instagram, keeping in mind the platform's younger audience profile. We appreciate the value of visual content and producing eye-catching imagery to draw in potential customers.

Why Choose Starvara Digital For Your B2B Lead Generation Services?

Any business can increase sales by engaging in significant lead-generation efforts. Your brand is distinctive and requires a strategy to produce as many high-quality and qualified leads as you can. Through tried-and-true marketing techniques and premier digital marketing services, we address this uniqueness and work toward it.

These days, search engines and social media platforms have greatly streamlined the lead generation process. We will assist you in optimizing your website as a lead-generation engine within 60 days or less, so you can anticipate receiving guaranteed leads in your inbox. We hold the distinction of being Chennai’s best SEO company thanks to our many years of experience in the industry.

Increased sales

For your business, you require the proper equipment. Our top-notch lead generation services and qualified leads will help you expand your company and boost your income right away, it’s always worth it to use the best b2b lead generation services agency in Chennai, like Starvara Digital.


With professional services that are focused on qualified leads according to your marketing objectives, you can lower your costs per sale.

Expert Services

You can avoid a difficult management process, get excellent professional B2B lead generation advice, and get the outcomes you want by outsourcing your lead generation to Starvara Digital. For your organization’s needs, our lead generation services are always available.


We are Chennai’s top lead generation business. We are aware of how crucial gaining a new customer is to your company or organization. We offer you a variety of services designed to help your brand stand out and spread your message on its own. We have taken our time to develop the necessary skillset and paired it with a team of dedicated professionals to produce.

Yes. Today’s businesses rely heavily on lead generation because it increases website traffic, which may eventually result in the conversion of found leads into customers. As a result, conversion rates rise, which helps a business make enormous profits. In order to help customers find exactly what they need online and to enable providers to showcase their offerings and demonstrate how unique they are from those of their rivals, Google has made the process of connecting consumers and providers very simple.

As  a B2B lead generation agency we can help you to decide which page and which domain should be favored and ranked in front for specific search queries, Google uses a search algorithm that takes into account hundreds of different variables. There are still a few factors that are unquestionably more significant than others in order to shed some light on the situation.

Both B2C and B2B marketers can benefit from generating leads on social media because it enables you to find the social media users who are interested in your company. This provides you with the necessary leverage to target them with pertinent offers and content so that you can eventually turn them into paying clients.

In other words, lead generation enables you to position your company as a priceless resource for potential clients. Additionally, social media helps you increase brand awareness, increase website traffic, and improve community engagement, all of which help your lead generation efforts.

It’s important to talk about expectations on both sides of the table before concluding a contract with a lead generation business. Receiving some sort of results guarantee from the business up front may be beneficial and reassuring, but be wary of guarantees that seem nebulous or simply too good to be true.

Setting up communication is essential, and this includes the format, frequency, contact persons on both sides, and the information your company expects to be delivered on whatever basis you have agreed upon. For many clients, being receptive to input and suggestions is essential; don’t be afraid to inquire openly about a prospect’s flexibility to prevent future annoyance.

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